Lettuce Seed

Lettuce Seed

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  • Matina Sweet Lettuce

    Matina Sweet Lettuce

    55-65 days. A compact butterhead with an outstanding flavor and attractive appearance. Matina Sweet is very heat toleran... 

  • Eiffel Tower Lettuce Organic

    Eiffel Tower Lettuce Organic

    65 days. This refined romaine has an unusually tall and cylindrical shape that's picturesque in the garden. Eiffel Tower... 

  • Two Star Lettuce

    Two Star Lettuce

    45 days. We thought this variety should really be called 'Five Star', because that's what it earned at our trial grounds... 

  • Garden Heirloom Lettuce Blend Organic

    Garden Heirloom Lettuce Blend Organic

    50-55 days. We have taken 3 of the most tasty heirloom varieties and blended them together to create a fun addition to y... 

  • Winter Brown Lettuce

    Winter Brown Lettuce

    50-55 days. This green with reddish brown overlay lettuce forms a smaller size loose head. Very robust, Winter Brown is ... 

  • Revolution Lettuce Organic

    Revolution Lettuce Organic

    38 days. How red is red? If you're looking for a frilly leaved lollo rossa type lettuce with the deep, intense red color... 

  • Tom Thumb Lettuce

    Tom Thumb Lettuce

    35-50 days. This unusual miniature butterhead lettuce produces heads about the size of a baseball, ideal for individual ... 

  • Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic

    Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic

    55 days. While we won't even venture to hypothesize where the ''drunken woman'' part of the name comes from, the ''frizz... 

  • Loma Lettuce Organic

    Loma Lettuce Organic

    48 days. If you like substance in your leaf lettuce, try Loma. This French Crisp variety boasts glossy, dark green leave... 

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