Leek Seed

Leek Seed

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  • Giant Musselburgh Leek

    Giant Musselburgh Leek

    105 days. One of the best winter-hardy leeks you can grow. This Scottish heirloom has provided families with hearty soup... 

  • Bandit Leek Organic

    Bandit Leek Organic

    120 days. Bandit is an improved open pollinated selection, boasting a thick shank with attractive dark blue green foliag... 

  • Hannibal Leek Organic

    Hannibal Leek Organic

    95 days. This stout autumn variety fills in a useful harvest slot with better field holding and cold hardiness than our ... 

  • Leek Succession Organic

    Leek Succession Organic

    60-120 days. Enjoy nearly year-round leek harvests from a single seed packet. Space a portion of the earlier maturing va... 

  • Zermatt Leek Organic

    Zermatt Leek Organic

    85 days. This Swiss Giant type is very early maturing in its class, providing a nice, upright habit with long shanks. Es... 

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