Onion & Shallot Seed

Onion & Shallot Seed

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  • Ambition Shallot Seed

    Ambition Shallot Seed

    120 days. A traditional globe-shaped shallot, but with a slightly higher shoulder like a French Shallot, and rust-colore... 

  • Keepsake Onion

    Keepsake Onion

    280 days. Intermediate-day variety. Combining jumbo-sized bulbs with a very long storage ability certainly makes Keepsak... 

  • Red Baron Onion Conventional & Organic

    Red Baron Onion Conventional & Organic

    60 days. Long-day variety. An extremely versatile red onion that maintains its vibrant burgundy color at all stages of g... 

  • Top Keeper Onion

    Top Keeper Onion

    275 days. Intermediate-day variety. A top-notch onion whose name speaks for itself! Top Keeper is an overwintering onion... 

  • White Lisbon Onion

    White Lisbon Onion

    60-120 days. This salad onion is widely used by gardeners in Europe as the go-to onion between harvests of more speciali... 

  • Walla Walla Onion Conventional & Organic & Pelleted

    Walla Walla Onion Conventional & Organic & Pelleted

    125 days when spring sown. Intermediate-day variety. One of our most popular sweet onions. When fall sown and allowed to... 

  • Winter White Bunching Onion

    Winter White Bunching Onion

    Allium fistulosum 120 days. Bred to combine the best in overwintering qualities and slowness to form bulbs, this salad v... 

  • Guardsman Onion

    Guardsman Onion

    Allium fistulosum 50 days. Guardsman is a great scallion that was developed by master onion breeders in England. This va... 

  • Gallop Onion

    Gallop Onion

    45-65 days. This early maturing bunching onion comes on quick, allowing you numerous sowing and harvest opportunities le... 

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