Novelty Cucumbers

Novelty Cucumbers

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  • Lemon Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    Lemon Cucumbers Conventional & Organic

    70 days. These 3-4 foot, semi-bush type plants bear loads of apple-shaped cucumbers with lemon-colored skins. The flesh ... 

  • Miniature White Cucumbers

    Miniature White Cucumbers

    50-55 days. As sweet and tasty as they are cute, Miniature White is the ultimate in white cukes. Perfect at 3 inches lon... 

  • Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers

    Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers

    Melothria scabra 75 days. An heirloom that packs a lot of flavor in an adorable, teaspoon-sized treat! These little char... 

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