New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Plant-Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    Plant-Chocolate Ghost Pepper

    NEW! 100 days. A natural variant of the formidable Ghost chili, carefully selected for the attractive chocolate coloration of... 

  • Winter Luxury Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    Winter Luxury Pumpkin Conventional & Organic

    NEW! C. pepo 105 days. In search of the ultimate pie pumpkin, we grew extensive 'pie-class' trials and held a blind taste-off... 

  • Mrs. Wrinkles Pumpkin

    Mrs. Wrinkles Pumpkin

    NEW! C. pepo 100 days. Chunky and brimming with personality, Mrs. Wrinkles is the ideal jack-o-lantern pumpkin. Her deeply cr... 

  • Beppo Pumpkin

    Beppo Pumpkin

    NEW! C. pepo 100 days. This dual-purpose pumpkin has delicious, nutritious seeds, and it's decorative too! Beppo holds masses... 

  • Purple Majesty Potatoes Organic

    Purple Majesty Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Late-season 110-135 days. As its color would suggest, this is one of the more nutritious potatoes with very high antioxi... 

  • La Ratte Potatoes Organic

    La Ratte Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Late-season 110-135 days. This heirloom potato cultivar originated in France in the late 19th century. A fingerling type... 

  • Red Thumb Potatoes Organic

    Red Thumb Potatoes Organic

    NEW! Early-season 70-90 days. This spud gets a thumbs up, both in the garden and in the kitchen! Extremely uniform tubers gro... 

  • Sweet Potato Plant Collection

    Sweet Potato Plant Collection

    NEW! 90 Days. These unique sweet potato varieties will bring all new flavor and texture to your culinary creations. Includes ... 

  • Tweed Rutabaga

    Tweed Rutabaga

    NEW! 90 days. At our research grounds, Tweed immediately drew our evaluators' eyes with its attractive lavender-colored new f... 

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