New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Galiano Lettuce

    Galiano Lettuce

    NEW! 50 days. Galiano earned high marks at our trial farm for its first-rate flavor, appearance, uniformity, and field-holdin... 

  • Mini Green Lettuce

    Mini Green Lettuce

    NEW! 55-60 days. Honey, I shrunk the lettuce! This pocket-sized iceberg is an irresistible curiosity, fun to grow and eat. It... 

  • Superior 1 Lettuce Organic

    Superior 1 Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 60 days. Proving its superior performance in our lettuce trials, this organic selection is true to its name. This first-... 

  • Joker Lettuce Organic

    Joker Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 50-60 days. One of the most eccentric-looking lettuces we've grown, this harlequin of a crisphead produces dense, 6-8 in... 

  • Speedy Salad Arugula

    Speedy Salad Arugula

    NEW! Eruca vesicaria 30 days. (A) Speedy's serrated bright green leaves have the shape of wild arugula, but the mild peppery ... 

  • Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    NEW! Diplotaxis tenuifolia 50 days. (P) This exciting release brings traditional arugula flavor to another savory level. Visu... 

  • Sugar Cube Melon

    Sugar Cube Melon

    NEW! 80 days. A small melon with a whopping big taste! Coarsely netted, round, 2 pound fruit have juicy, deep orange flesh wi... 

  • Sugar Pot Watermelon

    Sugar Pot Watermelon

    NEW! 78-82 days. Our first patio-friendly watermelon! Sugar Pot is the most compact watermelon plant we've grown. Watermelon ... 

  • Cortland Onion Organic

    Cortland Onion Organic

    NEW! 110 days. From the breeders of the most prominent and highest-quality storage onions comes this improved yellow onion. U... 

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