New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Red Russian Kale Organic

    Red Russian Kale Organic

    NEW! B. oleracea var. fimbriata 55 days. Red Russian is considered to be highly nutritious with powerful antioxidant properti... 

  • Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    NEW! 45 days. This popular kale is a top English breeder selection. Dwarf Green Curled is eye-catching, and provides tender s... 

  • Maribor Kale

    Maribor Kale

    NEW! 50 days. Almost too pretty to eat, but we urge you to indulge! This frilly leaf kale has dark outer leaves and extra dee... 

  • Plant-Kosmic Kale

    Plant-Kosmic Kale

    NEW! Gardeners love this new, perennial, bicolored kale. Truly one-of-a-kind, this fetching variety is practically a whole ne... 

  • Olga Lettuce Organic

    Olga Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 65 days. Olga embodies the best of a butterhead and romaine in one delicious lettuce. It boasts large, gorgeous, fleshy ... 

  • Carmona Lettuce Organic

    Carmona Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 54 days. A truly transcendent butterhead. Its shapely plants have dense, pale, yellow-green hearts wrapped loosely in co... 

  • Deliane Lettuce

    Deliane Lettuce

    NEW! 48-50 days. You'll fall in love with Deliane, as it's a simply irresistible butterhead! Its flavor is lusciously tasty a... 

  • Relic Lettuce

    Relic Lettuce

    NEW! 60 days. A handsome lettuce that's a real standout, unlike any of our other red loose-leaf varieties. Relic's dagger-sha... 

  • Mazurosso Lettuce

    Mazurosso Lettuce

    NEW! 60 days. A showy, oak-leaf shaped lettuce with distinctly different, serrated edges, vibrant cinnamon/maroon coloring an... 

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