New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Copra Onion Seed Tape

    Copra Onion Seed Tape

    NEW! 104 days. One of the best storage onions available. A long-day type with dark-yellow skin that has a high sugar content ... 

  • White Lisbon Onion Seed Tape

    White Lisbon Onion Seed Tape

    NEW! 60-120 days. A versatile salad onion with long white stems and bright green tops. Sow every 2 weeks from March through a... 

  • Regiment Spinach Seed Tape

    Regiment Spinach Seed Tape

    NEW! 37 days. Produces speedy crops of flavorful, dark green, arrow-head shaped, semi-savoyed leaves. This slow to bolt and d... 

  • Easy Seeder

    Easy Seeder

    NEW! Perfectly spaced seeds with no thinning required! For fast, easy, efficient planting, simply make a furrow with an en... 

  • Strawberry & Herb Planter

    Strawberry & Herb Planter

    NEW! Ideal for the small space or urban gardener! Create your own instant garden anywhere. Combine one or all of these inn... 

  • Ez Elevated Gardens

    Ez Elevated Gardens

    NEW! Garden comfortably without stooping or kneeling! After trialing other raised garden planters, we unanimously agreed, ... 

  • Alta Planters

    Alta Planters

    NEW! These planters will dress up your patio, deck, balcony or entryway in style. Designed to integrate everywhere from ca... 

  • Quick Corners

    Quick Corners

    NEW! Install beautiful raised beds in minutes--no tools or hardware needed! Building a raised bed is as simple as setting... 

  • Bug Off Screen

    Bug Off Screen

    NEW! Seals like a screen door, opens like a curtain! Our Instant Bug Off Screen installs in minutes and allows you, the k... 

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