New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Sweet Pea-Cupid Black

    Sweet Pea-Cupid Black

    NEW! Saturate your deck and patio with the unbeatable fragrance and beauty of old fashioned sweet peas from this container-si... 

  • Zinnia-Cupcakes Mix

    Zinnia-Cupcakes Mix

    NEW! Zinnia elegans The frosting on the flowerpot! Cupcakes Mix is a vibrantly-colored smorgasbord of scrumptious flowers. Th... 

  • Rainier Strawberry Plants

    Rainier Strawberry Plants

    NEW! Considered one of the best home garden varieties for fruit quality and disease resistance. This tough plant has large fl... 

  • Plant-Wasabi


    NEW! Wasabia japonica 'Daruma' A pungent delight seldom available to the home gardener. Even at sushi establishments and spec... 

  • Almonds


    NEW! These new Ukrainian varieties of almonds bloom at the same time as peach trees, escaping damage by late frosts. Gardener... 

  • Luther Burbanks Thornless Opuntia Prickly Pear

    Luther Burbanks Thornless Opuntia Prickly Pear

    NEW! A unique, cold-hardy, and nearly spineless nopal cactus, colloquially referred to as prickly pear. Plants grow up to 6 f... 

  • Boro Beet Seed Tape

    Boro Beet Seed Tape

    NEW! 51 days. Extremely smooth, dark red beet with delectable roots and sumptuous, thick leaves for versatile, multipurpose u... 

  • Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    NEW! 56 days. One of the finest fresh-eating carrots we know of that is very rich in vitamin A and high in sugars. 

  • Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    NEW! 60 days. This crisphead is an excellent choice for spring planting and will provide sweet, crunchy salads in the heat of... 

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