New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Plant-Basil Fairytale Little Magic

    Plant-Basil Fairytale Little Magic

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum Gorgeous bush-type basil grows into a startling bicolor surprise! Its small leaves eventually blush to ... 

  • Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum 'Ajaka' This exciting new green basil has an attractive and shapely shrub-type habit that grows very de... 

  • Plant-Lavender Platinum Blonde

    Plant-Lavender Platinum Blonde

    NEW! Lavandula angustifolia This stunning, uniquely variegated and award-winning lavender is a real bombshell! Platinum Blo... 

  • Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    NEW! Lavandula x intermedia This beautiful, fragrant, uniform, and disease resistant selection is especially cold-hardy, ma... 

  • Plant-Rosemary Irene

    Plant-Rosemary Irene

    NEW! Rosemarinus officinalis A remarkably sturdy plant, Irene® is a vivacious, colorful creeping rosemary. This spec... 

  • Plant-Rosemary Tuscan Blue

    Plant-Rosemary Tuscan Blue

    NEW! Rosemarinus officinalis Tuscan Blue has exceptionally blue flowers, adding a nice splash of color to your herb garden. I... 

  • Plant-Begonia Breezy Salmon Orange

    Plant-Begonia Breezy Salmon Orange

    NEW! Begonia hybrida Breezy Salmon Orange is a lively and virtually carefree begonia that's a first-rate, stand-alone plant f... 

  • Plant-Echinacea Big Kahuna PPAF PVR

    Plant-Echinacea Big Kahuna PPAF PVR

    NEW! Echinacea 'Big Kahuna' The flavor of a tropical paradise in a durable, cherished garden perennial. Big Kahuna's jumbo b... 

  • Plant-Echinacea Supreme Flamingo PPAF PVR

    Plant-Echinacea Supreme Flamingo PPAF PVR

    NEW! Echinacea 'Supreme Flamingo' Brings the sweet flavor of summer to your plantings with flowers saturated in a rosy salmon... 

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