New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Glenn Wheat Cover Crop

    Glenn Wheat Cover Crop

    NEW! Triticum aestivum This hard red spring wheat is unrivaled in quality for a baking wheat. Its excellent protein content a... 

  • Buckwheat Cover Crop Organic

    Buckwheat Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Fagopyrum esculentum Grows quickly to 24 inches in ordinary garden soil and has minimal nutritional needs. Should be ti... 

  • Groundhog Daikon Radish Cover Crop

    Groundhog Daikon Radish Cover Crop

    NEW! Raphaus sativus var. niger 60 days. Daikon in Japanese means large root. There are perhaps hundreds of varieties of daik... 

  • Pacer Forage Turnip Cover Crop

    Pacer Forage Turnip Cover Crop

    NEW! Brassica rapa 50-70 days. A cross between a forage turnip and a forage rape. Fall sown turnips do an excellent job of s... 

  • Nutra Blend Cover Crop

    Nutra Blend Cover Crop

    NEW! Pisum sativum and Avena sativa Whether you're looking for soil improvement, livestock fodder, wildlife forage, or all o... 

  • Tsc's Spring Mix Cover Crop

    Tsc's Spring Mix Cover Crop

    NEW! We've offered our exclusive fall-planted blend for years. This blend has the same combination of weed and erosion cont... 

  • Plant-Basil Fairytale Little Magic

    Plant-Basil Fairytale Little Magic

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum Gorgeous bush-type basil grows into a startling bicolor surprise! Its small leaves eventually blush to ... 

  • Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    Plant-Basil Fairytale Ajaka

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum 'Ajaka' This exciting new green basil has an attractive and shapely shrub-type habit that grows very de... 

  • Plant-Lavender Platinum Blonde

    Plant-Lavender Platinum Blonde

    NEW! Lavandula angustifolia This stunning, uniquely variegated and award-winning lavender is a real bombshell! Platinum Blo... 

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