New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Grafted Pepper Plant-Italian Sweet

    Grafted Pepper Plant-Italian Sweet

    NEW! 70 days. Produces a heavy set of 8-inch long, conical, thick walled, very sweet peppers that turn red very quickly. When... 

  • Grafted Pepper Plant-Wonder bell

    Grafted Pepper Plant-Wonder bell

    NEW! 70 days. There seemed to be no end to the pepper production of Wonder Bell. Semi-upright plants loaded up with staggerin... 

  • Grafted Basil Plant-Bonsai

    Grafted Basil Plant-Bonsai

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum minimum 'Bonsai' This compact, upright basil comes to us from the Far East, grafted to a hardy and vigo... 

  • Grafted Basil Plant-Rapper

    Grafted Basil Plant-Rapper

    NEW! Ocimum basilicum 'Rapper' A slow-flowering, large-leafed basil from Naples, highly valued for its strong flavor. Enormou... 

  • Grafted Eggplant Plant-Black King

    Grafted Eggplant Plant-Black King

    NEW! 75 Days. An imperial eggplant with uniform, large, oval-shaped fruit that have vivid dark skin and superior texture. Rob... 

  • Grafted Watermelon Plant-Sugar Baby

    Grafted Watermelon Plant-Sugar Baby

    NEW! 80 days. The standard of the icebox melons, Sugar Baby has been a staple at picnics for years. Vines grow to 6 feet and ... 

  • Soybeans Cover Crop Organic

    Soybeans Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Glycine max This edible legume is a great nitrogen fixer during the hot summer growing season, making up to 130 pounds o... 

  • Crimson Clover Cover Crop Organic

    Crimson Clover Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Trifolium incarnatum A reliably winter-hardy annual variety that does not multiply with runners (like perennial Red Clov... 

  • Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop Organic

    Mammoth Red Clover Cover Crop Organic

    NEW! Trifolium pratense var. sativum An excellent fast-growing cover crop that can be planted almost any time of the year. A... 

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