New for Spring 2014

New for Spring 2014

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  • Emerald Artichoke

    Emerald Artichoke

    NEW! Thornless, meaty and astoundingly productive, Emerald has everything an artichoke lover could ask for and more. At our t... 

  • Pacific Purple Asparagus Crowns

    Pacific Purple Asparagus Crowns

    NEW! Dark purple spears so tender, they can be enjoyed raw! Pacific Purple's quality and yields outperform most green varieti... 

  • Millennium Asparagus Crowns

    Millennium Asparagus Crowns

    NEW! Out-yielding some of the most ambitious asparagus, Millennium is quickly becoming a garden and culinary favorite with an... 

  • Crockett Bean

    Crockett Bean

    NEW! 58-60 days. Among scores of bean varieties in our trials, Crockett stood out with its exceptionally robust plants, inten... 

  • Provider Bean Conventional & Organic

    Provider Bean Conventional & Organic

    NEW! 55 days. An early and productive green bean that's not picky about its growing environment. Provider offers heavy yields... 

  • Compass Bean Organic

    Compass Bean Organic

    NEW! 65 days. From any direction, Compass will lead you to a successful green bean crop. Compact bush plants grow impeccably ... 

  • Dolico Bean

    Dolico Bean

    NEW! 82 days. We're turning the bean world upside down with this unusual curiosity. An Italian black-eye pea, Dolico holds 10... 

  • Lady Di Bean Organic

    Lady Di Bean Organic

    NEW! 84-100 days. This aristocratic runner deserves a place of prominence in either the veggie garden or an ornamental planti... 

  • Boldor Beet

    Boldor Beet

    NEW! 51 days. These luminous golden beets are strides ahead of other yellow varieties. Featuring improved uniformity and vigo... 

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