New Fall & Winter Items

New Fall & Winter Items

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  • Robin Hood Fava Bean

    Robin Hood Fava Bean

    NEW! 90-100 days. If you've wanted to grow favas but don't have the space, Robin Hood has come to the rescue. This dwarf vari... 

  • Sequoia Broccoli

    Sequoia Broccoli

    NEW! 85 days. An outstanding producer in the winter garden, Sequoia produces magnificent crowns with high domes and tight bea... 

  • Redarling Brussels Sprouts

    Redarling Brussels Sprouts

    NEW! 145 days. Truly a darling in the Brussels sprout patch, Redarling reliably produces strong, uniform plants with 24 inch ... 

  • Skywalker Cauliflower Organic

    Skywalker Cauliflower Organic

    NEW! 80 days. The Force is definitely strong with this superior variety. Skywalker produces flawlessly uniform, hefty heads o... 

  • Flame Star Cauliflower

    Flame Star Cauliflower

    NEW! 70-80 days. A standout in the cauliflower department, this unusual, pastel orange variety is undeniably unique. Dense he... 

  • Graffiti Cauliflower

    Graffiti Cauliflower

    NEW! 80 days. Your cauliflower patch will look like it's been tagged with brilliant purple paint when Graffiti starts produci... 

  • Musico Carrot

    Musico Carrot

    NEW! 95 days. A delightful, bolt-resistant Nantes for the cool weather garden. Musico produces uniform, smooth, slightly tape... 

  • Negovia Carrot Organic

    Negovia Carrot Organic

    NEW! 70 days. Negovia impressed us from the time the seed sprouted to when we enjoyed the carrots after they had a lengthy st... 

  • Poniente Cucumber Organic

    Poniente Cucumber Organic

    NEW! 51 days. For the most flawless, long European type cucumbers, head to Poniente. The 12-13 inch glossy, dark green fruit ... 

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