New Products for 2019

New Products for 2019

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  • Monte Gusto Bean

    Monte Gusto Bean

    NEW! 55 days. One of the most attractive and earliest yellow pole beans we've grown, these golden yellow pods sport a contras... 

  • Robin Hood Fava Bean

    Robin Hood Fava Bean

    NEW! 90-100 days. If you've wanted to grow favas but don't have the space, Robin Hood has come to the rescue. This dwarf vari... 

  • Emerald Crown Broccoli

    Emerald Crown Broccoli

    NEW! 60-70 days. This superior broccoli produces big domes of finely beaded, blue-green heads on compact plants. An adaptable... 

  • Autumn Star Kalettes®

    Autumn Star Kalettes®

    NEW! 110 days. Autumn Star is the earliest maturing variety in our Kalettes® series, kicking off the harvest season. ... 

  • Mistletoe Kalettes®

    Mistletoe Kalettes®

    NEW! 125 days. Aptly named for its holiday harvest window, Mistletoe is the tallest of our Kalettes®, offering heavy crop... 

  • Snowdrop Kalettes®

    Snowdrop Kalettes®

    NEW! 140 days. Snowdrop is our latest maturing variety and its stout stature allows the plants to withstand winter's winds an... 

  • Ruby Queen Beet

    Ruby Queen Beet

    NEW! 65 days. An exceptional dual-use beet, Ruby Queen produces crunchy, succulent leaves and stalks with a very good, mild f... 

  • Bobcat Cabbage

    Bobcat Cabbage

    NEW! 80 days. A superstar in our summer trials, Bobcat delivers high-quality heads with a very mild, juicy flavor and excelle... 

  • Tiara Cabbage

    Tiara Cabbage

    NEW! 58 days. A mighty mini cabbage! Tiara produces a very high quality, dense head that almost dwarfs the very compact plant... 

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