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  • Orchid Flame Nasturtium

    Orchid Flame Nasturtium

    NEW! T. majus This gorgeous trailing nasturtium offers a dynamic show of colors like no other! The big, 2 inch, multi-hued bl... 

  • Tip Top Alaska Nasturtium

    Tip Top Alaska Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum minus An absolute standout in our trials. A riot of color against light green variegated foliage. Comp... 

  • Empress Of India Nasturtium

    Empress Of India Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum minus A deep regal-red-flowered heirloom that is offset by frosty blue-green foliage. Empress of India... 

  • Jewel Mix Nasturtium

    Jewel Mix Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus These easy-to-grow plants produce colorful double blooms in light yellow, orange and deep red, a... 

  • Night And Day Nasturtium

    Night And Day Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus Pale ivory-yellow contrasted with bold mahogany adds an appealing zest to any container or borde... 

  • Black Velvet Nasturtium

    Black Velvet Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus The deepest, darkest, richest, ruby-black blooms grace tidy plants. For a dramatically thrilling... 

  • Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium

    Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum majus This prolific trailing plant can easily reach a length of 8-10 feet by summer's end. A perfect c... 

  • Phoenix Nasturtium

    Phoenix Nasturtium

    Tropaeolum minus A renaissance for the humble nasturtium, this fiery new variety sports updated, slashed and sca... 

  • Orchid Cream Nasturtium

    Orchid Cream Nasturtium

    T. majus One of the most fascinating cultivars in the nasturtium clan. Orchid Cream's blooms open a beautiful ivo... 

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