Lettuce Mixes & Gourmet Mesclun Salad Blends

Lettuce Mixes & Gourmet Mesclun Salad Blends

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  • Micro Greens Mix

    Micro Greens Mix

    14-21 days. You can easily grow what gourmet chefs have been serving in trendy restaurants around the world. Micro Green... 

  • Provencal Winter Mix

    Provencal Winter Mix

    32 days. This famous mesclun salad blend is composed of 3 colorful, winter-hardy French lettuces: Continuity, Salad Bowl... 

  • Alfresco Blend

    Alfresco Blend

    28-42 days. Revolutionize your salad garden with a first-of-its-kind seed innovation. Each easy-to-handle pellet contain... 

  • City Garden Mix

    City Garden Mix

    30-40 days. Simple, convenient, and practical, these fresh, mixed lettuce greens can be planted just steps away from you... 

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