Lettuce Mixes & Gourmet Mesclun Salad Blends

Lettuce Mixes & Gourmet Mesclun Salad Blends

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  • Garden Heirloom Blend Lettuce

    Garden Heirloom Blend Lettuce

    50-55 days. We have taken 3 of the most tasty heirloom varieties and blended them together to create a fun addition to y... 

  • Super Gourmet Salad Blend

    Super Gourmet Salad Blend

    48-56 days. This Territorial exclusive remains wildly popular. A blend of our favorite lettuces in equal quantities: Slo... 

  • Wild Garden Lettuce Mix Organic

    Wild Garden Lettuce Mix Organic

    30-50 days. Instant lettuce diversity for cut salads or fresh market sales. This mix is a vast assortment of literally d... 

  • Chicken Chow Lettuce Mix Organic

    Chicken Chow Lettuce Mix Organic

    Why not feed your feathered friends a healthy, wholesome meal? Direct sow this nutritious blend of organic lettuce in an... 

  • London Springs Lettuce Mix

    London Springs Lettuce Mix

    50-70 days. Our special 25th anniversary lettuce mix has been so popular since first introduced, it has remained in our ... 

  • Pot & Patio Lettuce Blend

    Pot & Patio Lettuce Blend

    33-55 days. Tailored specifically for the container gardener, this lively blend of vibrant green and deep, rich burgundy... 

  • Mild Mesclun Blend

    Mild Mesclun Blend

    30 days. Territorial's mild mesclun blend provides a large diversity of salad greens for unique salads. The combination ... 

  • Tangy Mesclun Blend

    Tangy Mesclun Blend

    30 days. A European culinary delight, these tangy salad greens will add a bit of zest to your salad and your life. A mix... 

  • Italian Saladini Blend

    Italian Saladini Blend

    30 days. This very Mediterranean blend is a generous mix of colorful Italian loose-leaf lettuces and butterhead types, i... 

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