Main Season Tomato Plants

Main Season Tomato Plants

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  • Plant-Heirloom Marriage ™ Cherokee Carbon Tomato

    Plant-Heirloom Marriage ™ Cherokee Carbon Tomato

    NEW! 75-80 days. The best of Cherokee Purple and Carbon, these beautiful beefsteaks have a dusky blush and rich, delicious fl... 

  • Plant-Heirloom Marriage™ Genuwine Tomato

    Plant-Heirloom Marriage™ Genuwine Tomato

    70-75 days. These luscious, ruby-red slicers are the result of a cross of Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese, two of our ... 

  • Plant-Buffalosteak F1 Tomato

    Plant-Buffalosteak F1 Tomato

    75-80 days. A cut above the rest, this prime beefsteak has solid, meaty, bright red flesh that's robustly flavorful. Ear... 

  • Plant-Caiman Tomato

    Plant-Caiman Tomato

    80 days. This indeterminate slicer provides continuous yields of big, bold, lightly pleated tomatoes. Attractive, shiny ... 

  • Plant-Fantastic Tomato

    Plant-Fantastic Tomato

    85 days. Ripens mid-August at London Springs, Oregon. The 3-5 inch, round firm slicers are very solid, and have above av... 

  • Plant-Taxi Tomato

    Plant-Taxi Tomato

    80 days. The best yellow tomato for short season gardeners. Taxi matures its bright yellow tomatoes in just 65 days. Thi... 

  • Plant-Ananas Noire Tomato

    Plant-Ananas Noire Tomato

    85 days. Also known as Black Pineapple, this is one of the most interesting tomatoes we offer. The skin has shades of gr... 

  • Plant-Grandma's Pick Tomato

    Plant-Grandma's Pick Tomato

    75-80 days. Heirloom flavor with hybrid production, uniformity, and disease resistance. Grandma's Pick has an old ti... 

  • Plant-Gill's All Purpose Tomato

    Plant-Gill's All Purpose Tomato

    80 days. We're pleased to continue to offer this piece of Northwest history. A cross between Wasatch Beauty and Pepper t... 

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