Low Heat

Low Heat

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  • Plant-Italian Pepperoncini Pepper

    Plant-Italian Pepperoncini Pepper

    75 days. The ultimate in a pickling pepper! Even during cooler-than-average summers, we've been rewarded with many peppe... 

  • Plant-Pizza Pepper

    Plant-Pizza Pepper

    80 days. If you like the flavor of hot peppers but not so much fire, Pizza Pepper will be a hit. It is the heaviest, mos... 

  • Plant-Felicity Pepper

    Plant-Felicity Pepper

    80 days. A joyful development in a long-time favorite, Felicity is a heatless jalapeno. With all of the flavor and taste... 

  • Plant-Habanada Pepper

    Plant-Habanada Pepper

    70 days. This nearly fire-free habanero offers all the delicious, fruity, tropical flavor of a standard habanero but wit... 

  • Plant-Waltz Pepper

    Plant-Waltz Pepper

    NEW! 80 days. An honest-to-goodness drying paprika! In years of trialing paprika types, Waltz is the only reliable producer/f... 

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