Looseleaf Lettuce

Looseleaf Lettuce

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  • Two Star Lettuce

    Two Star Lettuce

    45 days. We thought this variety should really be called 'Five Star', because that's what it earned at our trial grounds... 

  • Revolution Lettuce Organic

    Revolution Lettuce Organic

    38 days. How red is red? If you're looking for a frilly leaved lollo rossa type lettuce with the deep, intense red color... 

  • Simpson Elite Lettuce Organic

    Simpson Elite Lettuce Organic

    53 days. Extremely slow bolting, Simpson Elite produces attractive, neon green, loose heads with broad, crumpled, curled... 

  • Red Sails Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    Red Sails Lettuce Organic & Pelleted

    53 days. Up to 10 inches across, the crinkled and deeply fringed leaves are burgundy-turning to medium green at the base... 

  • Salad Bowl Lettuce

    Salad Bowl Lettuce

    50 days. We've offered Salad Bowl for years because gardeners still love its wonderful mellow flavor. This one is a prim... 

  • Pom Pom Lettuce Organic

    Pom Pom Lettuce Organic

    46 days. This variety really resembles its name! Each plant is a small, beautiful rounded mass of densely packed, green ... 

  • Green Ice Lettuce Organic

    Green Ice Lettuce Organic

    50 days. A true jewel of a multi-harvest, loose-leaf lettuce! Uniform plants have delightfully wavy margins and a bright... 

  • New Red Fire Lettuce Conventional & Organic

    New Red Fire Lettuce Conventional & Organic

    29 days. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The most ruby-red loose-leaf variety in our trials. New Red Fire pr... 

  • Oaky Red Splash Lettuce Organic

    Oaky Red Splash Lettuce Organic

    48 days. A one-of-a-kind oak leaf lettuce sure to make a splash at your dinner table! Its leaves are green tinged in co... 

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