LAST MINUTE! Veggie & Herb plants still available!

LAST MINUTE! Veggie & Herb plants still available!

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  • Plant-Millionaire Eggplant

    Plant-Millionaire Eggplant

    54 days. Millionaire's extra-early maturity and high productivity will make you feel like you've hit the jackpot. In our... 

  • Plant-Basil Sweet

    Plant-Basil Sweet

    Ocimum basilicum Our strain of Sweet Basil is a great culinary extravaganza, allowing several harvests over the season f... 

  • Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    Plant-Lavender Phenomenal

    Lavandula x intermedia This beautiful, fragrant, uniform, and disease resistant selection is especially cold-hardy, ma... 

  • Plant-Tarragon French

    Plant-Tarragon French

    Artemisia dracunculus This is the true French tarragon, which cannot be grown from seed. Growing to 36 inches, this dark... 

  • Plant-Kosmic Kale

    Plant-Kosmic Kale

    Gardeners love this new, perennial, bicolored kale. Truly one-of-a-kind, this fetching variety is practically a whole ne... 

  • Plant-California Wonder 300 Pepper

    Plant-California Wonder 300 Pepper

    65 days. Each plant produces 4-5 wonderfully sweet bell peppers that are typically 4-lobed, thick-walled and blocky. The... 

  • Grafted Cucumber Plant-Giga Bites

    Grafted Cucumber Plant-Giga Bites

    This vigorous, easy-to-grow Japanese hybrid, grafted onto an even more vigorous rootstock, yields incomparable crops of ... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    70 days. Momotaro is one of the most popular tomato varieties in Japanese markets and for good reason. Named after a her... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Betty

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Betty

    NEW! 80 days. Lipstick red through-and-through, these beauties have firm flesh and a sweet, full-bodied flavor. One of the he... 

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