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  • Red Ursa Kale Organic

    Red Ursa Kale Organic

    B. napus 65 days. Bred by seedsman Frank Morton of Gathering Together Farm, Red Ursa was selected among the 5 Bes... 

  • Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    45 days. This popular kale is a top English breeder selection. Dwarf Green Curled is eye-catching, and provides tender s... 

  • Starbor Kale

    Starbor Kale

    50 days. This delicious blue-green kale selection has a compact habit which is suitable for whole-plant harvests. A heav... 

  • Red Kale Blend

    Red Kale Blend

    50-65 days. Our own custom blend of nutritious and exquisite kale varieties, each with the bonus of antioxidant indicati... 

  • Bolshoi Kale

    Bolshoi Kale

    55 days. Considered to be among the sweetest flavored kales, Bolshoi provides early harvests of baby greens, or enjoy th... 

  • Darkibor Kale Conventional & Organic

    Darkibor Kale Conventional & Organic

    75 days. One of the darkest pigmented kale we offer, Darkibor is also one of the curliest. These gorgeously ruffled plan... 

  • Beira Tronchuda Kale

    Beira Tronchuda Kale

    85 days. Originating in Portugal, this bright green, loose-headed variety is a rare gem. Also called Portuguese kale, th... 

  • Scarlet Kale

    Scarlet Kale

    50 days. This gorgeous, frilly-leafed kale is an excellent source of hearty, fresh greens that are packed with antioxida... 

  • Fizz Kale

    Fizz Kale

    40 days. An exciting and unique kale with finely lobed leaves in golden green, maturing quickly to deep emerald. The you... 

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