Herb Seed

Herb Seed

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  • Basil-Sweet Conventional & Organic

    Basil-Sweet Conventional & Organic

    Ocimum basilicum Our strain of Sweet Basil is a great culinary extravaganza, allowing several harvests over the season f... 

  • Basil-Sweet Dani

    Basil-Sweet Dani

    Ocimum basilicum Growing Sweet Dani is like growing a field of lemon drops! Very high in citral and essential oil, these... 

  • Borage Conventional & Organic

    Borage Conventional & Organic

    Borago officinalis The star-like flowers can be frozen in ice for summer drinks, and the flowers and cucumber-flavored l... 

  • Catnip Conventional & Organic

    Catnip Conventional & Organic

    Nepeta cataria This is a long-lived perennial herb used in gardens and landscapes. The long green and white flower spik... 

  • Variegated Cat Grass

    Variegated Cat Grass

    Hordeum vulgare Variegation is all the rage in the garden, and now the most fashion-conscious cats can satisfy their cra... 

  • Chamomile-German


    Matricaria recutita The German-type Chamomile is the most prolific producer of flowers. They are used fresh or dried to ... 

  • Chives Conventional & Organic

    Chives Conventional & Organic

    Allium schoenoprasum A mild member of the onion family. The leaves and pink flowers are edible and add a fresh, mild, g... 

  • Chives-Garlic


    Allium tuberosum A flat-leaf variety of chives with the rich flavor of garlic. The white flowers and leaves are used in ... 

  • Coriander-Santo (Cilantro)

    Coriander-Santo (Cilantro)

    Coriandrum sativum Once thought by the Chinese to confer immortality, coriander is now used to enhance salsas and currie... 

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