Herb Plants

Herb Plants

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  • Plant-Italian Oregano

    Plant-Italian Oregano

    Origanum onites Italian oregano is wonderfully pungent and has flavor overtones of its cousin, Sweet Marjoram.... 

  • Plant-Kirigami Oregano

    Plant-Kirigami Oregano

    NEW! O. x hybrid We love ornamental oregano in hanging baskets and mixed containers and are very pleased to offer Kir... 

  • Plant-Barbeque Rosemary

    Plant-Barbeque Rosemary

    Rosmarinus officinalis What could be better than a scrumptious kabob hot off the grill? What if the skewer you us... 

  • Plant-Arp Rosemary

    Plant-Arp Rosemary

    Rosmarinus officinalis Surviving down to zone 5 with minimal protection, Arp is about as hardy as rosemary gets. ... 

  • Plant-Irene® Rosemary

    Plant-Irene® Rosemary

    Rosmarinus officinalis A remarkably sturdy plant, Irene® is a vivacious, colorful creeping rosemary. This spe... 

  • Plant-Foxtail Rosemary

    Plant-Foxtail Rosemary

    Rosmarinus officinalis Unlike any other rosemary, this dramatic variety has fine foliage that grows densely into ... 

  • Plant-Grower's Friend Sage

    Plant-Grower's Friend Sage

    Salvia officinalis If you're looking for an outstanding culinary sage, then Grower's Friend is for you. Unlike ot... 

  • Plant-Smudge Sage

    Plant-Smudge Sage

    Salvia apiana This sacred plant is the same one used by Native Americans in the southwestern US for spiritual cle... 

  • Plant-Stevia


    Stevia rebaudiana Also called Sweet Herb of Paraguay, Stevia is probably the sweetest plant in the world. It cont... 

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