Herb Plants

Herb Plants

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  • Plant-Smudge Sage

    Plant-Smudge Sage

    Salvia apiana This sacred plant is the same one used by Native Americans in the southwestern US for spiritual cle... 

  • Plant-Stevia


    Stevia rebaudiana Also called Sweet Herb of Paraguay, Stevia is probably the sweetest plant in the world. It cont... 

  • Plant-French Tarragon

    Plant-French Tarragon

    Artemisia dracunculus This is the true French tarragon, which cannot be grown from seed. Growing to 36 inches, th... 

  • Plant-French Thyme

    Plant-French Thyme

    Thymus vulgaris Sometimes called Summer Thyme, this culinary herb with an upright habit and small, narrow gray le... 

  • Plant-English Thyme

    Plant-English Thyme

    Thymus vulgaris No herb garden is complete without English thyme. This upright shrub with grey-green foliage is u... 

  • Plant-Golden Lemon Thyme

    Plant-Golden Lemon Thyme

    Thymus citriodorus 'Aureus' Sunny, bright, green and yellow foliage perfectly mirrors the fresh citrusy flavor o... 

  • Plant-Turmeric


    Curcumae Longae The roots of this exotic, highly ornamental plant are the source of the popular spice. Rich in hi... 

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