Herb Plants

Herb Plants

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  • Plant-Lemon Verbena

    Plant-Lemon Verbena

    Aloysia triphylla Lemon Verbena is prized for its delightful, lemony scent and sweet, bitter-free flavor. Use the leaves... 

  • Plant-Lemongrass


    Cymbopogon flexuosus Lemongrass imparts a pleasant, subtle citrus flavor and aroma in foods. Frequently it's an ingredie... 

  • Plant-Marjoram Sweet

    Plant-Marjoram Sweet

    Origanum majorana A great culinary herb that has a sweet oregano-like flavor. Pinch out the top when the plant is 2-3 in... 

  • Plant-Mint Spearmint

    Plant-Mint Spearmint

    Mentha spicata Sweet-smelling and prolific, spearmint has a wide range of uses. Great used in teas and many types of sal... 

  • Plant-Mojito Mint

    Plant-Mojito Mint

    Mentha x villosa The search is over for the ideal mint to flavor the popular cocktail for which it's named. Genuinely C... 

  • Plant-Oregano Greek

    Plant-Oregano Greek

    Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum We are pleased to bring you this true oregano collected from the mountains of Greece. You... 

  • Plant-Oregano Hopley's Purple Oregano

    Plant-Oregano Hopley's Purple Oregano

    Origanum laevigatum Attractive plants have deep green foliage and showy purple-red blooms that look great in dried flow... 

  • Plant-Oregano Italian

    Plant-Oregano Italian

    Origanum onites Italian oregano is wonderfully pungent and has flavor overtones of its cousin, Sweet Marjoram. Availa... 

  • Plant-Rosemary Barbeque

    Plant-Rosemary Barbeque

    Rosmarinus officinalis What could be better than a scrumptious kabob hot off the grill? What if the skewer you used rele... 

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