Heat Mats and Cables

Heat Mats and Cables

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  • Soil Heating Cables

    Soil Heating Cables

    Now you can start vegetable, flower, and herb seedlings just like the professional bedding plant growers do. Soil Heatin... 

  • Electra-Grow Heat Mats

    Electra-Grow Heat Mats

    Holds a steady 70°F temperature. The thermostatically controlled rubber mat fits inside a wire frame. Plug it in, an... 

  • Propagation Heat Mats

    Propagation Heat Mats

    Just warm their feet and new seedlings or cuttings will grow bigger and stronger than their cold-tray cousins. This heat... 

  • Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

    Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

    Regulate the temperature of your seedlings and cuttings precisely from 68-108°F within .1°F with this digital th... 

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