Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck Garlic

Hardneck Garlic

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  • Uzbekistan Garlic

    Uzbekistan Garlic

    Mid-season, Turban type. We've traced this variety from Uzbekistan to Washington State, where it was introduced by Germa... 

  • German Red Garlic

    German Red Garlic

    Mid-season, Rocambole type. German Red is a full-bodied, strong and spicy garlic that reliably produces large, satiny wh... 

  • Music Garlic

    Music Garlic

    Mid-season, Porcelain type. Music hits the top of the charts when it comes to yields. In trials at Michigan State Univer... 

  • Blanak Garlic

    Blanak Garlic

    Mid-season, Rocambole type. This spicy, vigorous, cold-hardy garlic from Bulgaria produces elegant, pearly white bulbs w... 

  • Premium Northern White Garlic

    Premium Northern White Garlic

    Late-season, Porcelain type. Finally, good strong garlic in a large clove! The heritage of this unique garlic can be dir... 

  • Metechi Garlic Organic

    Metechi Garlic Organic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A powerful hardneck, Metechi delivers robust garlic flavor along with a sharp bite. Raw,... 

  • Siberian Garlic

    Siberian Garlic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. A top-notch producer in cold climates, Siberian deserves consideration for all northern ... 

  • Mount Hood Garlic

    Mount Hood Garlic

    Mid-season, Porcelain type. If you are looking for huge bulbs of garlic with large cloves to boot, then look no further.... 

  • Vietnamese Red Garlic Organic

    Vietnamese Red Garlic Organic

    Mid-season, Purple Stripe type. This variety has a mild spice that dissipates quickly with a pleasant finish. Vietnamese... 

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