Greenhouse Varieties

Greenhouse Varieties

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  • Bella Cucumbers

    Bella Cucumbers

    68 days. Elongated, slender fruits with a crisp texture and the sweet, refreshing flavor of summer. Plants produce absol... 

  • Mini Munch Cucumber

    Mini Munch Cucumber

    55 days. Super snackable! Mini Munch is crisp and delicious with tender skin and seedless, juicy interior. The rich gree... 

  • Socrates Cucumber Organic

    Socrates Cucumber Organic

    52 days. Right at home in the greenhouse, Socrates thrives and produces even in cooler temperatures and lower light cond... 

  • Poniente Cucumber Organic

    Poniente Cucumber Organic

    NEW! 51 days. For the most flawless, long European type cucumbers, head to Poniente. The 12-13 inch glossy, dark green fruit ... 

  • Tasti-Lee Tomato

    Tasti-Lee Tomato

    75 days. Tasti-Lee holds the triple crown in great flavor, heightened nutrition, and extended shelf life. The culminatio... 

  • Lola Greenhouse Tomato Organic

    Lola Greenhouse Tomato Organic

    80 days. Lola is an eye-catching charmer with veritably everything one could dream of in a tomato, plus the added benefi... 

  • Cobra Tomato

    Cobra Tomato

    72 days. A preferred variety for the greenhouse or outdoors. Indeterminate plants produce ample harvests of the highest ... 

  • Frederik Tomato Organic

    Frederik Tomato Organic

    NEW! 76 days. A superior quality beefsteak for indoor cultivation, Frederik delivers lots of very flavorful, uniformly handso... 

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