Green Summer Squash

Green Summer Squash

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  • Rotem Squash Organic

    Rotem Squash Organic

    C. pepo 47 days. This stocky, marrow type squash has an excellent flavor—sweet, buttery and juicy. At 6-8 inches l... 

  • Tromboncino Squash Conventional & Organic

    Tromboncino Squash Conventional & Organic

    C. moschata 70 days. This Italian summer squash is a wonderful diversion from the usual. The light green-to-tan fruit ca... 

  • Latino Squash

    Latino Squash

    C. pepo 55 days. A distinguished Romanesco-type squash with attractive, dark and light green striping on ridged fruit. C... 

  • Bush Baby Squash

    Bush Baby Squash

    C. pepo 59 days. Considered a marrow type squash, Bush Baby's striking fruit sport light and dark green stripes and have... 

  • Grey Griller Squash

    Grey Griller Squash

    C. pepo 38 days. Hold the burgers, Grey Griller is stealing the barbeque scene. These boxy fruit are meaty and firm, ide... 

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