Grafted Vegetable Plants

Grafted Vegetable Plants

What is a Grafted Vegetable Plant?

Grafted vegetables are created when the top part of one plant (the scion) is attached to the root system of a separate plant (the rootstock). The rootstock contributes vigor and disease resistance while the scion is chosen for fruit flavor and quality. Grafting has been used in agriculture for centuries to improve plant health and yield (fruit trees and grape vines are two familiar examples). Grafted vegetables are currently widespread in Asia and Europe among produce growers and are gaining popularity in the US, especially with organic farmers. Our plants are grafted by hand in a unique, carefully controlled environment using innovative methods recently developed here in Oregon.

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  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Legend

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Legend

    68 days. If late blight has been a problem in your garden, you should try growing Legend. Legend has shown strong tolera... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Momotaro

    70 days. Momotaro is one of the most popular tomato varieties in Japanese markets and for good reason. Named after a her... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Betty

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Betty

    NEW! 80 days. Lipstick red through-and-through, these beauties have firm flesh and a sweet, full-bodied flavor. One of the he... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Chocolate Cherry

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Chocolate Cherry

    NEW! 70 days. As irresistible as a chocolate covered cherry, but without all of the guilt. These cherries have both skin and ... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Pozzano

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Pozzano

    NEW! 72 days. Pozzano produces remarkably uniform, firm, orange/red fruit in clusters of 4–5. Reaching about 4 1/2 inch... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Carmello

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Carmello

    NEW! 70 days. Too often hybrid tomatoes lack the flavor we want. That's not the case with Carmello–it has flavor for da... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Fantastic

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Fantastic

    NEW! 85 days. Ripens mid-August at London Springs, Oregon. The 3-5 inch, round firm slicers are very solid, and have above av... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye

    NEW! 65-75 days. Straight out of a sunshine daydream, every bite of this psychedelic-colored beefsteak-type is an experience.... 

  • Grafted Tomato Plant-Indigo Shadow Boxing

    Grafted Tomato Plant-Indigo Shadow Boxing

    NEW! 75-80 days. A whole new category for tomatoes. This unique variety is a grafted dwarf indeterminate. Contradictory sound... 

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