Gourmet Greens

Gourmet Greens

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  • Séance Chicory Organic

    Séance Chicory Organic

    NEW! Cichorium endivia 75 days. This eye-catching escarole produces big, billowy heads with deep green outer leaves and glowi... 

  • Miners Lettuce

    Miners Lettuce

    Claytonia perfoliata 42 days. This annual green is high in vitamin C, and native to many moist areas of the country. The... 

  • Vit Corn Salad (Mâchè)

    Vit Corn Salad (Mâchè)

    Valerianella locusta 50 days. Only a green with a glowing reputation could earn as many names: Vit, Corn Salad, Lamb's L... 

  • Indigo Radicchio

    Indigo Radicchio

    Cichorium intybus 65-70 days. Add a bit of distinction to your autumn salads. This crisp, dark-red radicchio is a strong... 

  • Victorio Fennel

    Victorio Fennel

    Foeniculum vulgare 75 days fall harvested, 250 days overwintered. This short-day overwintering type of fennel is delici... 

  • Frilly Wallone

    Frilly Wallone

    Cichorium endivia 60-75 days. Frilly Wallone has shown good growing ability in cold weather conditions, as it was specif... 

  • Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    Diplotaxis tenuifolia 50 days. (P) This exciting release brings traditional arugula flavor to another savory level. Visu... 

  • Halblange Parsley Root

    Halblange Parsley Root

    Petroselinum crispum var. tubersom 120 days. Halblange is an artful selection of the traditional German variety that has... 

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