French/Filet Beans

French/Filet Beans

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  • Soleil Bean

    Soleil Bean

    60 days. This extraordinary, yellow French/filet bean has an unparalleled, exquisite flavor that makes a wonderful addit... 

  • Fortex Bean

    Fortex Bean

    70 days. A productive gourmet delight. The exceptionally long, medium-green pods grow to over 10 inches long. This strin... 

  • Maxibel Bean

    Maxibel Bean

    60 days. Maxibel was the first full-size, high-quality, bush filet bean on the market. Very straight, dark green, 7 inch... 

  • Nickel Bean

    Nickel Bean

    53 days. Nickel was developed as a baby French/filet bean. Our research shows that it tolerates hot and cold temperature... 

  • Denver Bean

    Denver Bean

    66 days. One of the finest French/filet beans we've found. Upright, 17-18 inch bushes produce accessible pods on the upp... 

  • Velour Bean

    Velour Bean

    55 days. Standing out above all other French/filet type beans, Velour's royal, deep purple color and equally rich, satis... 

  • Carminat Bean

    Carminat Bean

    60-65 days. The most visually stunning bean in our trials, Carminat's magnificent plants reach 8 feet or taller with eme... 

  • Compass Bean Organic

    Compass Bean Organic

    65 days. Compact bush plants grow impeccably uniform to about 12 inches tall; yet despite their smaller stature, they re... 

  • Mascotte Bean

    Mascotte Bean

    50 days. An AAS award winner for its super-compact habit and high production of delectable beans. Mascotte provides full... 

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