Rutabagas & Turnips

Rutabagas & Turnips

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  • Joan Rutabaga Organic

    Joan  Rutabaga Organic

    90–100 days. What once was thought of as an obscure vegetable is now highly sought after in the culinary world; an... 

  • Magres Rutabaga

    Magres Rutabaga

    90 days. Rutabagas should be a staple of the winter food garden. While Magres is an exceptional variety that matures for... 

  • Helenor Rutabaga

    Helenor Rutabaga

    100 days. A productive rutabaga that produces uniform roots with a classic shape and bicolor purple top with a... 

  • Purple Top White Globe Turnip

    Purple Top White Globe Turnip

    55 days. This turnip is bright purple on top and creamy white below, and has a white interior. Nearly round, the smooth ... 

  • Just Right Turnip

    Just Right Turnip

    70 days. This productive fall and winter turnip is quick growing and extremely cold tolerant. After growing turnips in t... 

  • Tokyo Cross Turnip

    Tokyo Cross Turnip

    35-60 days. A very early maturing turnip. The beautiful white globe-shaped roots have a delectable sweet and smooth fles... 

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