Oriental Vegetables

Oriental Vegetables

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  • Dragon Tongue Organic

    Dragon Tongue Organic

    Brassica juncea 40 days. Probably the prettiest mustard green we've seen, Dragon Tongue is a sweet and jaw-dropping beau... 

  • Ip Ssam Hong Chinese Cabbage

    Ip Ssam Hong Chinese Cabbage

    Brassica rapa, Pekinensisi Group 65 days. Not your average Chinese cabbage, Ip Ssam Hong boasts greatly enhanced nutriti... 

  • Spicy Green Mustard

    Spicy Green Mustard

    Brassica juncea 30 days. This mustard knocked our socks off with a zesty flavor reminiscent of wasabi. Frilly, vibrant g... 

  • Komatsuna Sharaku

    Komatsuna Sharaku

    Brassica rapa var. komatsuna 30 days. This ultra fast growing Japanese spinach mustard is very tolerant to both cold an... 

  • Tender Gold Chinese Cabbage

    Tender Gold Chinese Cabbage

    60 days. Truly outstanding in our trials, this delightful Chinese cabbage produces crisp, mildly flavored savoyed leaves... 

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