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  • Winter Brown Lettuce

    Winter Brown Lettuce

    50-55 days. This green with reddish brown overlay lettuce forms a smaller size loose head. Very robust, Winter Brown is ... 

  • Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic

    Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce Organic

    55 days. While we won't even venture to hypothesize where the "drunken woman" part of the name comes from, the "frizzy h... 

  • Continuity Lettuce Organic

    Continuity Lettuce Organic

    (Merveille des 4 Saisons) 56 days, 75 days fall sown. This popular variety is one of the most widely grown lettuces in t... 

  • Arctic King Lettuce

    Arctic King Lettuce

    60-75 days. This butterhead is able to withstand the most severe maritime winters with only minimal cover. With light gr... 

  • North Pole Lettuce Organic

    North Pole Lettuce Organic

    50 days. This is one outstanding cold weather performer! North Pole is a sweet, compact, light green butterhead that can... 

  • Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    50 days. A luscious butterhead with medium green leaves and heavy heads. Resists bolting. HR: DM 1-17, 19, 21, 23, Nr. I... 

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