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  • Speedy Arugula Seed Tape

    Speedy Arugula Seed Tape

    NEW! 30 days. Serrated, bright green leaves have the shape of wild arugula, but the mild peppery pungency of salad arugula. T... 

  • Boro Beet Seed Tape

    Boro Beet Seed Tape

    51 days. Extremely smooth, dark red beet with delectable roots and sumptuous, thick leaves for versatile, multipurpose u... 

  • Bull's Blood Beet Seed Tape

    Bull's Blood Beet Seed Tape

    NEW! 64 days. These sweet, 2-3 inch round roots have delightful red and white zoning. Strong, deep red tops provide tasty and... 

  • Sugarsnax 54 Carrot Seed Tape

    Sugarsnax 54 Carrot Seed Tape

    68 days. The ideal carrot that is sweet, nutritious and disease resistant. AS, C, P. 

  • Merida Carrot Seed Tape

    Merida Carrot Seed Tape

    240 days. We've spent years looking for an overwintering carrot that can be planted in late September/early October and ... 

  • Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    Mokum Carrot Seed Tape

    56 days. One of the finest fresh-eating carrots we know of that is very rich in vitamin A and high in sugars. 

  • Hera Dill Seed Tape

    Hera Dill Seed Tape

    NEW! This blue-green dill produces masses of feathery foliage and is slower to bolt than other selections. Excellent for use ... 

  • Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    Superior 1 Lettuce Seed Tape

    60 days. This crisphead is an excellent choice for spring planting and will provide sweet, crunchy salads in the heat of... 

  • Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    Sylvesta Lettuce Seed Tape

    50 days. A luscious butterhead with medium green leaves and heavy heads. Resists bolting. HR: DM 1–17, 19, 21, 23,... 

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