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  • Tye-Dye Mustard Blend

    Tye-Dye Mustard Blend

    60-70 days. These fast-growing, specialty mustard varieties have a mildly spicy, signature mustard flavor that sweetens ... 

  • Dragon Tongue Mustard Organic

    Dragon Tongue Mustard Organic

    Brassica juncea 40 days. Probably the prettiest mustard green we've seen, Dragon Tongue is a sweet and jaw-dropping beau... 

  • Green Wave Mustard Conventional & Organic

    Green Wave Mustard Conventional & Organic

    B. juncea 50 days. Greenwave has been a favorite American mustard (or tendergreen) for many years. Popular with g... 

  • Wild Garden Mustards Organic

    Wild Garden Mustards Organic

    Brassica spp. 30 days. Look for this fast growing mix to cover the full spectrum of colors, shapes, and flavors. Growing... 

  • Tah Tsai Mustard

    Tah Tsai Mustard

    Brassica rapa Perviridis Group 40-50 days. A beautiful dark green 6 inch spinach mustard that is very mild and ea... 

  • Miz America Mustard

    Miz America Mustard

    B. juncea 30-40 days. This head-turning burgundy, mizuna-type mustard glows with its rich pigmentation at every ... 

  • Spicy Green Mustard

    Spicy Green Mustard

    Brassica juncea 30 days. This mustard knocked our socks off with a zesty flavor reminiscent of wasabi. Frilly, vibrant g... 

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