Chinese Cabbage & Pac Choi

Chinese Cabbage & Pac Choi

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  • Ching-Chiang Pac Choi

    Ching-Chiang Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa , Chinensis Group 40 days. This early, dwarf pac choi is a real performer in the home garden. Only 1... 

  • Suzuko Chinese Cabbage

    Suzuko Chinese Cabbage

    61 days. Chinese cabbage has always been a prominent producer in our cool-weather trials, and Suzuko is a champion in it... 

  • Violetta Pac Choi

    Violetta Pac Choi

    Brassica rapa, Chinensis Group 30 days for baby greens, 50 days for heads. The striking appearance, crisp and sweet flav... 

  • Soloist Chinese Cabbage

    Soloist Chinese Cabbage

    Brassica rapa, Pekinensisi Group 40-50 days. So cute and delicious, too! A baby Chinese cabbage means a just-right size ... 

  • Bopak Pac Choi

    Bopak Pac Choi

    40 days. The first of its kind in many ways, Bopak produces picture-perfect heads of baby pac choi. Allowed to grow, it ... 

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