Gourmet Greens

Gourmet Greens

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  • Strawberry Spinach Organic

    Strawberry Spinach Organic

    Chenopodium capitatum 50 days. A dual purpose plant as both the greens and the bright red berries make a unique addition... 

  • Vit Corn Salad (Mâchè)

    Vit Corn Salad (Mâchè)

    Valerianella locusta 50 days. Only a green with a glowing reputation could earn as many names: Vit, Corn Salad, Lamb's L... 

  • Rhodos Endive

    Rhodos Endive

    Cichorium endivia 65 days. The French refer to endive as a frisée, we just call it delectable! The delicate, extra ... 

  • Alfresco Blend

    Alfresco Blend

    28-42 days. Revolutionize your salad garden with a first-of-its-kind seed innovation. Each easy-to-handle pellet contain... 

  • Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Organic

    Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Organic

    Chenopodium quinoa 90-120 days. Selected for its vivid display of colorful seed heads, this ancient plant is a delicious... 

  • Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    Dragon's Tongue Wild Arugula

    NEW! Diplotaxis tenuifolia 50 days. (P) This exciting release brings traditional arugula flavor to another savory level. Visu... 

  • Edible Chrysanthemum-Garland Round Leaved

    Edible Chrysanthemum-Garland Round Leaved

    Chrysanthemum coronarium 50 days. This edible chrysanthemum is a taste experience! It starts with a carrot flavor that a... 

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