Gourmet Greens

Gourmet Greens

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  • Watercress


    Nasturtium officinale 60 days. Whether grown as sprouts for sandwiches and salads, or in the garden for summer greens an... 

  • Catalogna Frastagliata Italian Dandelion

    Catalogna Frastagliata Italian Dandelion

    Cichorium intybus 65 days. This famous variety is presented here in its most refined form. The leaves are bright green,... 

  • Speedy Salad Arugula

    Speedy Salad Arugula

    NEW! Eruca vesicaria 30 days. (A) Speedy's serrated bright green leaves have the shape of wild arugula, but the mild peppery ... 

  • New Zealand Spinach

    New Zealand Spinach

    Tetragonia tetragonioides 50 days. Captain Cook first brought this New Zealand native to Europe in the 1770s after he di... 

  • Double Purple Orach Organic

    Double Purple Orach Organic

    Atriplex hortensis 45 days. This wonderful deep purple mountain spinach is a terrific spring green. It grows to 5 feet t... 

  • Perfection Fennel Organic

    Perfection Fennel Organic

    Foeniculum vulgare 75 days. This superior selection was developed in Europe, especially for cool northern climates. It's... 

  • Rossa Di Treviso Precoce Radicchio

    Rossa Di Treviso Precoce Radicchio

    Cichorium intybus 70 days. A member of the chicory family, Radicchio is an excellent ingredient to add to a salad mix. I... 

  • Italiko Rossa Italian Dandelion

    Italiko Rossa Italian Dandelion

    Cichorium intybus 65 days. A colorful twist on this super performing green. Deep, maroon-red stems set off the forest g... 

  • Miners Lettuce

    Miners Lettuce

    Claytonia perfoliata 42 days. This annual green is high in vitamin C, and native to many moist areas of the country. The... 

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