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  • Sled Creek Kale Blend

    Sled Creek Kale Blend

    50-60 days. A colorful assortment of Red Russian, White Russian, Redbor, and Winterbor kale. ... 

  • Improved Dwarf Siberian Kale

    Improved Dwarf Siberian Kale

    B. oleracea var. fimbriata 50 days. We are impressed with the high marks this variety continues to earn in our kale tria... 

  • Wild Garden Kales Organic

    Wild Garden Kales Organic

    30 days. A fabulous array of Siberian kales, it delivers a multitude of unique leaf shapes from delicate waves to tight ... 

  • Nero Di Toscana Kale

    Nero Di Toscana Kale

    50 days. This eye-catching kale is also known as Black Palm, as it does resemble a palm tree. The very dark green leaves... 

  • Maribor Kale

    Maribor Kale

    50 days. Almost too pretty to eat, but we urge you to indulge! This frilly leaf kale has dark outer leaves and extra dee... 

  • Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    Dwarf Green Curled Kale

    45 days. This popular kale is a top English breeder selection. Dwarf Green Curled is eye-catching, and provides tender s... 

  • Starbor Kale

    Starbor Kale

    50 days. This delicious blue-green kale selection has a compact habit which is suitable for whole-plant harvests. A heav... 

  • Bolshoi Kale

    Bolshoi Kale

    NEW! 55 days. Considered to be among the sweetest flavored kales, Bolshoi provides early harvests of delicate baby greens, or... 

  • Beira Tronchuda Kale

    Beira Tronchuda Kale

    NEW! 85 days. Originating in Portugal, this bright green, loose-headed variety is a rare gem. Also called Portuguese kale, th... 

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