Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

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  • Franklin Brussels Sprouts

    Franklin Brussels Sprouts

    80 days. In our trials, Franklin has been the earliest maturing of all the Brussels sprouts. It has the added bonus of h... 

  • Montgomery Brussels Sprouts

    Montgomery Brussels Sprouts

    (F1) 200 days. Montgomery has proven itself to be one of the best December-harvest sprouts we've trialed. The uniform, e... 

  • Red Ball Brussels Sprouts

    Red Ball Brussels Sprouts

    95 days. Consistently produces uniform, savory, 1 inch red sprouts. Red Ball is a wonderful addition to fall and winter ... 

  • Bitesize Brussels Sprouts

    Bitesize Brussels Sprouts

    110 days. This unique and winter hardy Brussels sprout develops flavor-filled, small green buttons about half the size o... 

  • Autumn Harvest Sprout Blend

    Autumn Harvest Sprout Blend

    65-75 days. Sow May-June, transplant out 5-6 weeks later. This exclusive blend of three autumn maturing Brussels sprouts... 

  • Nordic Winter Blend

    Nordic Winter Blend

    100-190 days. Sow April-June, transplant out 5-6 weeks later. This carefully chosen blend allows you to grow and pick de... 

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