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  • Reaction Cabbage Organic

    Reaction Cabbage Organic

    100 days. Reaction gets two thumbs up for its excellent quality and extended storage capacity. These 3-5 pound, medium-s... 

  • Capture Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    Capture Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    83 days. If you've had challenges producing cabbage because of pressure from Black Rot or thrips, then this dynamo is fo... 

  • Farao Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    Farao Cabbage Conventional & Organic

    65 days. Farao's deep green heads are nicely nestled in its protective outer leaves. Farao will remain in the garden for... 

  • Katarina Cabbage

    Katarina Cabbage

    45 days. Manageably sized, fast to mature, and absolutely delicious, this AAS award-winning cabbage produces impeccably ... 

  • Integro Cabbage Organic

    Integro Cabbage Organic

    85-90 days. This very attractive cabbage has compact plants with uniform, medium-sized heads that weigh around 3-4 pound... 

  • Green Mariner Cabbage Organic

    Green Mariner Cabbage Organic

    75-80 days. This superb green ballhead cabbage has its roots in Germany, where it was bred to withstand cold winter weat... 

  • Endurance Cabbage

    Endurance Cabbage

    155 days. A superior savoy cabbage with medium-sized, 2 1/4-3 1/4 pound heads that are ready for market in January to Ap... 

  • Kalibos Cabbage

    Kalibos Cabbage

    74 days. Like a giant tea rose blooming in your cool-weather garden, these purple/red cabbages form gorgeous pointed hea... 

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