Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead Lettuce

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  • Victoria Lettuce Organic

    Victoria Lettuce Organic

    45 days. A rich green butterhead type that forms an amazingly heavy, upright, open, 10 inch diameter head. The leaves ar... 

  • Speckles Lettuce Organic

    Speckles Lettuce Organic

    50 days. Many gardeners enjoy growing heirlooms that have a history of good performance and taste. Speckles is an old Am... 

  • Grandpa's Lettuce Organic

    Grandpa's Lettuce Organic

    55 days. Frilly leaves with slight luminescence and very mild flavor. One of the favorites in our taste tests. Original ... 

  • Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce Organic

    Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce Organic

    54 days. Truly a masterpiece with an exquisite melding of shape, color, taste, texture and form. Compact plants have sli... 

  • Carmona Lettuce Organic

    Carmona Lettuce Organic

    NEW! 54 days. A truly transcendent butterhead. Its shapely plants have dense, pale, yellow-green hearts wrapped loosely in co... 

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