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  • Umpqua Broccoli Organic

    Umpqua Broccoli Organic

    60 days. This superior open-pollinated variety was first developed here at Territorial many years ago. We have reselecte... 

  • Everest Broccoli

    Everest Broccoli

    NEW! 80 days. We've been offering Everest as a key component of our broccoli blends for years. Sliding into a late summer har... 

  • Marathon Broccoli

    Marathon Broccoli

    NEW! 97 days. This hard-working, classic broccoli is adaptable for both fall and spring plantings. In our trials the uniform ... 

  • Purple Peacock Broccoli Organic

    Purple Peacock Broccoli Organic

    70 days. We were spellbound by this flamboyant broccoli-kale cross. It has all the best qualities of both a kale and bro... 

  • Thompson Broccoli Organic

    Thompson Broccoli Organic

    70 days. This delightful variety has a long harvest period, making it a winner in the home garden. The medium to large h... 

  • Fiesta Broccoli Organic

    Fiesta Broccoli Organic

    65 days. Fiesta will definitely give you reason to celebrate. This hybrid variety shone in our trials with its unmatched... 

  • Apollo Broccoli

    Apollo Broccoli

    60-90 days. We've been asked for years to offer seed of the highly sought after broccoli cross that is en vogue at gourm... 

  • Hybrid Purple Sprouting Broccoli Blend

    Hybrid Purple Sprouting Broccoli Blend

    NEW! 150–210 days. We've blended 3 purple sprouting broccoli varieties for overwintering. This superb trio produces str... 

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