Bare Root Plants

Bare Root Plants

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  • Heritage Raspberry Plants

    Heritage Raspberry Plants

    Large, sweet red berries are perfect when fresh, canned, frozen or when used in jam and jellies. The vigorous 6-7 foot t... 

  • Prelude Raspberry Plants

    Prelude Raspberry Plants

    Usher in the raspberry season with the earliest ripening red raspberry available! Ready for harvest from their second ye... 

  • Royalty Raspberry Plants

    Royalty Raspberry Plants

    The most popular purple raspberry and for good reason. Very large fruit can be harvested at a red or deep purple ripenes... 

  • Raspberry Plants Collection

    Raspberry Plants Collection

    A rainbow of raspberries, this combination of gold, red and purple-fruited raspberries will produce their delicious harv... 

  • Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry

    Prime-Ark® Freedom Blackberry

    A pivotal innovation in horticulture: the world's first thornless, primocane-fruiting blackberry! We're proud to offer a... 

  • Tayberry


    Rubus fruticosus x R. idaeus The best of both raspberries and blackberries, tayberries produce big, elongated, 1 ... 

  • 4-Way Combination Apple

    4-Way Combination Apple

    A grafted marvel, this tree is virtually an orchard on a single trunk. Our multi-variety tree is semi-dwarf. With 4 diff... 

  • Hazelnuts


    These North American natives, also referred to as filberts, are a favorite nut for home gardeners and commercial growers... 

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