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  • Indigo™ Kumquat Tomato

    Indigo™ Kumquat Tomato

    75 days. Indigo™ Kumquat the grape-type in our Indigo™ Series. These gorgeous, 1 ounce, oval tomatoes have an ... 

  • Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato Organic

    Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye Tomato Organic

    65-75 days. Every bite of this psychedelic-colored beefsteak-type is an experience. Big, succulent fruit can reach 8-12 ... 

  • Old German Tomato Organic

    Old German Tomato Organic

    85 days. More than once, our trial farm employees were caught standing in the field with both hands cradling a half-devo... 

  • Esterina Tomato Organic

    Esterina Tomato Organic

    60 days. Esterina floored us in our trials with its uniquely rich, full, and robust flavor evocative of sweet molasses. ... 

  • Estamino Tomato Organic

    Estamino Tomato Organic

    For the grower who needs certified organic rootstock or gardeners who have experienced excess vegetative growth from pas... 

  • Indigo™ Blue Beauty Tomato Organic

    Indigo™ Blue Beauty Tomato Organic

    80 days. The biggest of the Indigo™ series, this meaty beefsteak slicer easily reaches a half-pound of delectable e... 

  • Heirloom Marriage™ Big Brandy Tomato

    Heirloom Marriage™ Big Brandy Tomato

    75-80 days. Heirloom Marriage™ Big Brandy was the result of crossing 2 classic heirloom tomatoes, Brandywine and Bi... 

  • Matthew Tomato Organic

    Matthew Tomato Organic

    83 days. A flavor dynamo, these good-looking, big grape/small plum-shaped fruit offer an unsurpassable range of culinary... 

  • Montesino Tomato Organic

    Montesino Tomato Organic

    60-65 days. One of the most deliciously sweet and versatile grape tomatoes we've grown, Montesino's ruby red fruit have ... 

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