All Tomato Plants

All Tomato Plants

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  • Plant-Quali T 23 Tomato

    Plant-Quali T 23 Tomato

    83 days. It's not often that a tomato comes along with this much appeal. Quali T 23 is a widely adapted, vigorous, deter... 

  • Plant-Cabernet Tomato

    Plant-Cabernet Tomato

    70 days. This new indeterminate grape tomato rated very high with taste testers. Performed very well even into the cool ... 

  • Plant-Golden Treasure Tomato

    Plant-Golden Treasure Tomato

    70 days. One of the best storage tomatoes we've found, and worth keeping for its delicious flavor. When picked green the... 

  • Plant-Cobra Tomato

    Plant-Cobra Tomato

    72 days. A preferred variety for the greenhouse or outdoors. Indeterminate plants produce ample harvests of the highest ... 

  • Plant-Manitoba Tomato

    Plant-Manitoba Tomato

    66 days. This slicer was developed in Manitoba, Canada, to ripen during the short summers of the Manitoba prairie. A vig... 

  • Plant-Heinz 2653 Tomato

    Plant-Heinz 2653 Tomato

    75-80 days. A reliable, early-maturing standard processing tomato. We like 2653 for its ''workhorse like'' ability to ma... 

  • Plant-White Currant Tomato

    Plant-White Currant Tomato

    70-75 days. Treat yourself to one of the most unique and sweetest tasting tomato varieties known. The tiny fruit are hal... 

  • Plant-Katana Tomato

    Plant-Katana Tomato

    NEW! 65 days. These uniform, high-shouldered, beefy red slicers set early and continuously, for ample, season-long harvests. ... 

  • Plant-Pineapple Tomato

    Plant-Pineapple Tomato

    90 days. Pineapple will remind you of those visits to Grandpa's garden when you were a kid. Huge meaty tomatoes are safe... 

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