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  • Latino Squash

    Latino Squash

    C. pepo 55 days. A distinguished Romanesco-type squash with attractive, dark and light green striping on ridged fruit. C... 

  • Chiffon Squash

    Chiffon Squash

    NEW! C. pepo 42 days. Chiffon looks and tastes as good as its name. Fine, white flesh is velvety smooth and tasty. We love th... 

  • Superpik Squash

    Superpik Squash

    C. pepo 55 days. If you only have room for one summer squash, this is it! Uncanny production, uniformity, and vigor that... 

  • Cube of Butter Squash

    Cube of Butter Squash

    C. pepo 50 days. Tempting and tender, these lemon yellow, straightneck squash are succulent and delicious with creamy wh... 

  • Yellowfin Squash Organic

    Yellowfin Squash Organic

    C. pepo 50 days. We're very pleased to offer this superior quality, organically-produced, golden yellow zucchini that b... 

  • Bush Baby Squash

    Bush Baby Squash

    C. pepo 59 days. Considered a marrow type squash, Bush Baby's striking fruit sport light and dark green stripes and have... 

  • Delta Squash

    Delta Squash

    C. pepo 55 days. Delta is a step up from the average, garden variety crookneck. Superior in many ways, these dense, rob... 

  • Grey Griller Squash

    Grey Griller Squash

    C. pepo 38 days. Hold the burgers, Grey Griller is stealing the barbeque scene. These boxy fruit are meaty and firm, ide... 

  • Fortune Squash

    Fortune Squash

    C. pepo 39 days. If you're looking for a huge payoff from a yellow straightneck squash, Fortune is the one for you. The ... 

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